Publications and Working Papers

Current Working Papers

Mense, A. (2020). The Impact of New Housing Supply on the Distribution of Rents. mimeo. PDF

Hilber, C.A., Mense, A. (2020). Decomposing Local House Price Dynamics in England. mimeo.

Mense, A., Michelsen, C. and Kholodilin, K. (2019). Rent Control, Market Segmentation, and Misallocation: Causal Evidence from a Large-Scale Policy Intervention. PDF

Journal Articles

Mense, A., Michelsen, C., Kholodilin, K.A. (2019). The Effect of Second-Generation Rent Control on Land Values. AEA Papers and Proceedings 109, 38588. Link

Kholodilin, K.A., Mense, A., Michelsen, C. (2017). The Market Value of Energy Efficiency in Buildings and the Mode of Tenure. Urban Studies 54(14), 3218—3238. Link

Mense, A. (2018). A Real Options Approach to Amenity Valuation – The Role of Uncertainty and Risk Aversion. Journal of Regional Science 58(2), 315—329. Link

Mense, A. (im Erscheinen). The Value of Energy Efficiency and the Role of Expected Heating Costs. Environmental and Resource Economics 71, 671—701 . Link

Mense, A., Kholodilin K.A. (2014). Noise Expectations and House Prices. The Reaction of Property Prices to an Airport Expansion. The Annals of Regional Science 52 (3), 763—797. Ausgewählt als Reprint in Cheshire, P.C., Hilber, C., (2016, Hrsg.). The Economics of Land Markets and their Regulation, Edward Elgar Publishing. Link

Other (selection)

Mense, A., Michelsen C. (2019). Wie die Mietpreisbremse gewirkt hat. Makronom. Link

Mense, A. (2016). Wohnungsnot: Wer baut, gewinnt. ifo Schnelldienst 69(16), 3—6.

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